Sizing guidelines

One of the key challenges of making an online uniform shop work is to overcome the problems associated with sizing. This is no easy task as sizing can be tricky and confusing!

Unfortunately, standardised sizes are more dream than reality. Also, some sizes are in centimetres, some in inches, some use ages, some measurements use chest measurements, whilst others use neck measurements, to mention just a few. In addition, no two manufacturers’ ‘Medium’ seem to be the same size. And of course, no two children are built in exactly the same way, meaning that no one garment will fit all children exactly the same way. All the above conspire against us and this can lead to frustrations.

 To compound this, every parent has a slightly different view as to whether to purchase garments to ‘fit correctly now’ or whether it should build in ‘some growth’. Of course, not all ‘6-year olds’ or Grade 1 kids look the same. The following picture, of two 6 year olds, makes the point nicely.

The bottom line is: sizing is more tricky than many imagine! However, to assist you, please note the following: 

  • We recommend that first time buyers visit the McCullagh & Bothwell store in Hyde Park Shopping Centre for their child's initial uniform purchases and then buy online next time once the sizing is better understood. 
  • In an attempt to assist you in this online environment, we have tried to provide some garment specific guidance on sizing, where applicable, alongside the garment graphics in the online store. Please note that these are guidelines only. 
  • Please note that just because a learner wears a size 30 golf shirt, this doesn’t automatically mean that the t-shirt, tracksuit or jersey will also be a size 30- in fact, in many cases, they will not! 
  • We try to keep sizing consistent to make it easier for everyone. As an example, we try not unnecessarily to change suppliers to keep sizing consistent, or try, as far as possible, to ensure alternate suppliers use existing sizing patterns. 

However, the above notwithstanding, we encourage you to try purchase garments online- if the garment doesn’t fit, please know that you can exchange it for another size, or even get a refund if this is what you would prefer (subject to the original garment still being in fully ‘sale-able’ condition). Note that the PTA store only has limited stock, so exchanges may only be possible at the McCullagh & Bothwell branch in Hyde Park.